* R.Harish Navnit
* Pursuing Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering
* Loves Open Source
* Contributes to KDE
* Loves to relax !😀

My Interests

The things that I find really interesting and would be willing to spend time on !

  • Free and Open Source Enthusiast — Part of the FOSS club in the campus (foss@amrita)
  • KDE user/contributor/developer(wanna be😛 ) — Working on minor bug-fixes. — Feature requests.
  • Ardent Football fan — A die hard Arsenal FC fan. — I also play football whenever I find time, space and people😀
  • Playing Lawn Tennis — I play tennis tournaments whenever possible.
  • Adventure/Travelling — Love traveling to far away places. — Usually filled with fun and adventure.
  • Listening to *pleasant* music — Anything from slow, psychedelic rock to Melodious hits.

That really sums all that you’d want to know about me, however, to know more about me , read About.

Untill recently I was blogging at The Enigma(blogger) and decided to make the shift from blogger to WordPress. You needn’t worry though , as I’ve imported everything to this blog . Read  all of my writings in the blog !

Technical Writings

Since I’m pursuing a Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering, it’s quite likely that I might write stuff that one wouldn’t read just for the sake of killing time( or would you ?😉 ) Part of the family

  • FOSS Writings related to the work that I do on/with Open Source, right from troubleshooting to some new,random discovery !
  • Security The little bit of knowledge that I can share to the world pertaining to cyber security.

My Life

My life as with anyone else, has been full of up’s and down’s. The good, bad the inexplicably ugly😛 This uncertainty is precisely the reason why I consider our life an “Enigma” and hence decided to go with the same name for my blog🙂 Though nothing in this life can be considered a certainty , you can count on me keeping you updated as I count my days !

My Gallery

A small collage of pictures from my blog posts.

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