Harish Navnit
* Software Developer
* Traveller|Photographer
* Gooner

My Interests

The things that I find really interesting and would be willing to spend time on !

  • Free and Open Source Software
  • Ardent Football fan
    • A die hard Arsenal FC fan.
    • I also play football whenever I find the time, space and people.
  • Playing Lawn Tennis
    • Used to be active on the local tennis circuits, once upon a time.
  • Adventure/Travelling
    • Love exploring far away and new places.
  • Photography — Enjoy capturing scenic landscapes.
  • Listening to *pleasant* music
    • Anything from slow, psychedelic rock to Melodious hits.
    • Have recently started listening to EDM. Got to admit, it’s catchy!

That really sums all that you’d want to know about me, however, to know more about me, read About.

Technical Writings

Being a software developer and a free software contributor, I share my experiences on how I worked around or fixed certain issues with software.

My Life

My life as with anyone else, has been full of ups and downs. The good, bad the inexplicably ugly. This uncertainty is precisely the reason why I consider our life an “Enigma” and hence decided to go with the same name for my blog. Though nothing in this life can be considered a certainty , you can count on me keeping you updated as I count my days !

My Gallery

A small collage of pictures from my blog posts.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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