The Year that was …(PART I)

Hello everyone !
The following is my first ever article on a blog. I am new to the world of blogging and I have decided ,that to start off things , a recall of the year that just passed by would be apt. The year which passed by also happens to be the first year of my college life.So I am writing an almost detailed description of the events that took place.For the sake of readability, I’m splitting the storyline into multiple parts.If things go well , I could term it as a masterpiece , which helped in creating suspense throughout the posts. πŸ™‚Please be warned : This one could make for a lengthy readingΒ  :p

Let’s wind back the clocks a year and half , shall we ? So, what was i upto ?

Such sights had become common in class XII-sci of K.V Ganeshkhind,Pune

Ha ha , I guess that tells the whole story. I was effectively killing time , doing anything that came to mind , but nothing that was worth calling useful. I had the best time of my life from my 8th to 12th grade. After achieving unexpected heights in the 10th grade , 11th and 12th were DΓ©jΓ  vu .
After the 12th grade public examinations , I more or less followed pack , wrote multiple entrance examinations . To my surprise , I had also enrolled for the amrita university entrance examinations, and as it turned out , it wasn’t just a mere formality. Fate had it , and within the next three months i would be a hosteller at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham , Amritapuri Campus.

The magnificent college building of the Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham,Amritapuri Campus

So, all of a sudden , I’m in an all new surrounding, tasting hostel life for the first time in my rather uneventful life. It all happened in a blur. We reached the college a day before the reopening of the college, rushed here and there to pay the college fees and confirm the admission. It was all done just in time. Phew ! . Now I had to step into the hostel. Before arriving here , I was well versed with Hindi,Tamil & could understand Malayalam but speak very few of it. So of all the languages that were spoken in the hostel , it was Telugu where I was found lacking. Fate had it , I was grouped in a room which had all Telugu speaking individuals, and I thought to myself , “What a start ! ” . I must have resided in that particular room for maybe a week or two , before I moved on to another room where people spoke a language I was more familiar to.
The next few weeks passed on quite uneventfully. Then we were alerted that the first periodical internal exams would be held immediately after the Onam holidays.We were warned not to go home for the holidays , but I still gathered courage to pay my first visit as an engineering student to my home.I enjoyed every moment of my stay in the relative comforts and luxuries of my home sweet home. Time passed by and was time for me to depart. I was concerned , not because I was being separated from my parents and the luxuries of home, but more so because I now had less than 48 hours to write my first exam of engineering life.I knew that as always , I had messed it up again . I was immersed in all too familiar feeling. I was losing hope…. and I lost it. Then I felt better, once you are beyond melancholy , you feel an automatic upliftment. Things take less and less importance and it’s a nice feeling to have πŸ™‚ .

On my first visit to the Azheekal Beach

A few days later , the results were out , I wasn’t too surprised or shocked , it went as expected . Then normalcy settled in. We were back to enjoying our self. We now started to explore the city and my word ! ,what a supremely scenic place it is. Soon , news spread in the first years Boy’s hostel about the “Azheekal beach”(not sure if I spelt it right !) located in the vicinity of the campus. On my first visit , I was so enthralled by the beauty and the ambiance , that I knew right away that this wouldn’t be my last visit to this place. Little did I know that I would end up heavily regretting one of those future visits.

To be continued …

Adios readers and bloggers ,
Happy Blogging


6 thoughts on “The Year that was …(PART I)

  1. Have I told you that I hate Cliff Hangers? Writing Part two without Part one is permissible. Partly because I did so, Partly because it doesen't leave the reader guessing. πŸ˜› Anyway you get the point. Nice read btw. If it wasn't 4 a.m in the morning I wouldn't have the patience to read it as slow as I did right now. And I like your language too. Can't wait for the continuation. Toodles.

  2. ha, get used to cliff hangers buddy πŸ™‚ , well you are someone who has always set new trends πŸ˜› , while you seem to be impatient for the continuation , I can always wait for it:P .

  3. I had no idea you write so well.Great blog!And I like the cliff-hanger.It keeps the suspense.And you’re blog is aptly named, you are indeed an enigma. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks , nice to hear that . The cliff hanger was a result of my laziness(to type the rest). I’ve always believed that it was my life and not me that was the enigma , but I don’t mind that πŸ˜€

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