The Year that was …(Part-I) – The curtain call

Apologies . It’s been three weeks since my last update , and all this while I was wondering what would my next post be based on ? I thought a lot , some interesting and weird topics crossed my mind. I even wrote lengthy articles on one of them . But then I felt it was just too technical and that the writer himself lacked a clear understanding of what he was posting ! So that one’s found it’s place in the archives . So , believe it or not I’m back to the same scheme , I’ll be continuing with “The Year that was ….” series , something that I had so dearly hoped I wouldn’t have to. Well , I guess it’s destiny , isn’t it ? So let’s get the ball rolling .You can always refer to the blog archives , if you feel you are missing a link and are that interested in following this … I salute you !

Yup , I was now getting acquainted to life without an android smartphone . It’s replacement , a Nokia 101 , a phone that quite surprisingly had the ability to playback mp3 and could support memory cards.

The Nokia 101 was fighting a lost battle trying to fill the shoes of the HTC Wildfire S

It’s a known fact that all these smartphones are “Not so smart” without a working internet connection and I being the lazy bloke that I was , refused to provide internet service to mine , though I always wished I too had it , but it had to come by itself , perhaps magically because I was reluctant to spend on it . So as it stood , thanks to my reluctance and laziness I was effectively missing just the camera and the touch interface and the color interface and … Okay , Nokia 101 quite simply can’t match the HTC Wildfire S. This was a fact that dawned on me the moment I bought it , but life had to go on .
Life at the hostel seemed to be little mundane and then all of a sudden it gathered pace , the schedule was now hectic and I was unable to cope up . I neither completed my assignments nor did I study . I was often left consoling myself and making up a strategy to escape the eyes of the stern evaluator or in simple terms the teacher . As the submission dates narrowed in , my hopes were shattered and I resorted to prayers and good-wills . That seemed to have little effect on the inescapable situation that I found myself in . Then before I could realize , we were done , for the moment at least as the final working day was now a thing of the past and I could now heave a sigh of relief . I still don’t realize how I came out of those dark days , I’m as puzzled as thief who doesn’t get caught (not sure if that made any sense !!) . Then we embarked on our journey , or rather it was only me who embarked on journey to countdown the days . While others held the countdown to the number of days remaining for the end-semester examinations, I went a step ahead by doing the countdown to the end-semester vacations and I’m sure I wasn’t alone , but just that I couldn’t spot anyone doing that back then .

And finally the day of reckoning arrived , the end-semester examinations question paper was in front of our very eyes and it lived up to it’s cruel description given by the seniors . The hours spent in the exam hall were something else , they could transform you into one of the greatest philosophers of all time but still they wouldn’t get you to the answer about the question asked . It all lead the way to quiet introspection and as time-which seemed to be frozen-passed by , the grave concern on the faces turned into resemblance of a warrior doing his clan proud ! There were cheers for every face that bared that look . And then there were the public enemies who brought shame to their clan and were looked upon with disgust and anger . Thankfully , I was by default a warrior who did his clan proud . The exams followed an almost identical routine with the same warriors failing to disappoint and others just piling on the misery on their clan . At the end of it all I was just too overwhelmed by all the happenings that all I just wanted was to be back home , and I would soon get my wish. I would fly home the very next day the exams finished and I was back in familiar territory . I was now with my parents who obviously mean a world to me , but I was also united with most of my long time buddies , we all seemed to have changed a little with our exploits into the unknown . It was a change that I hope would be for the good .


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