My Experience – Removing Ubuntu 13.04 and installing Kubuntu 13.10 alongside Windows 8

NOTE : This blog post is perhaps the most craziest of it’s kind . It started with me wanting to write a detailed tutorial or so on installing Kubuntu 13.10 alongside Windows 8 and replacing Ubuntu 13.04 in the process . However , I ended up giving a live commentary of my experience . This day is one that I shall forget in a hurry . Wonderful experience and an emotional roller-coaster(That’s saying a bit too much I guess ๐Ÿ˜› )ย 

I’m kind of inclined to KDE these days . A major reason for this would be the fact that I’ve now begun contributing to the organization and also because I had a nice one to one interaction with the president of the KDE e.v – Mr.Pradeepto Bhattacharya .

So , Here I was trying to build plasma-mediacenter and it was recomended that I have Kubuntu 13.0(latest version) for the same .

So , I was able to install kubuntu 13.10 on my laptop but as was the case with so many others , I seem to have lost my Windows 8 !

Except that this time , I don’t really care . For me Windows was good only for gaming . For all other purposes I could use Linux and if at all for some academic purpose Windows was indeed required , I could always install it in VBox and do the same .

So , the moment of truth , I’m doing a reboot now and will check if Windows can be accessed or not . Here I go , I’m entering the administrator password : ******* ย and I’m unable to boot into Windows ! #Damn ย . However the grub does show me an option “System setup” and from there I can see an option saying “Exit and Continue to Windows 8” but when I click that my system reboots and again I have no option but to boot into Kubuntu again .

So , I guess Windows has made it’s journey to black hole . Because technically , it is still present in my system and while I always considered it a menace , this time I can’t even boot into it , so this is all the more irritating . Withing some time , if I can’t boot into it , I’ll make sure that Windows is well and truly removed from my system.

But ofcourse , there are bigger problems for now . I’m unable to resolv any hostnames in my Kubuntu 13.10 . I’ve been looking into my /etc/resolv.conf and /etc/hosts file and doing a few random google searches . None of which have worked so far . I won’t give in though , not so fast as this time these errors which were irritating in the past , are now an interesting challenge. I should be able to look up and get it solved .

Another reason why resolving is of primary importance is that besides being able to carry out browsing , I also need to install the latest updates as I installed this without actually installing the third party software etc . Really hoping that things can be sorted out now and I can get back to my work at the earliest .

It’s now been more than an hour or so and I’m still unable to get this thing configured . Still can’t resolve any hostnames . I wonder where this is heading . I just mailed to the plasma-devel mailing list with the following subject “[OT] Unable to resolv hostnames in Kubuntu 13.10” . I’m waiting for a reply from them as now they have become the ray of hope . I just don’t understand where I’m going wrong . Every time I edit the /etc/resolv.conf file . It gets back to it’s default state when a connection is re-established . There was a warning that said so anyways ๐Ÿ˜›

Boy , This post , which was just started as a reference for me has become quite long in itself !

And finally success ! I was able to gain internet access on my laptop and have now started typing this post using my laptop . It was a bit tricky and a little foolish really .

So , where was I going wrong ? Well , you’d have gotten a hint by now that since I wasn’t able to resolve , it had to be an issue with the DNS servers . I was trying provide OpenDNS IP addresses and I wasn’t able to provide the correct DNS address of the ISP .

When I typed in “ipconfig /all” in the desktop from which I was trying to connect to internet via ethernet , it finally gave me the answer . I got the DNS address(s) that I was looking for and when I finally gave the same in the network manager , I was finally able to ping and I knew that I had finally succeded .

I am in the process of installing all the required packages and customizing my new OS which has brought a new look to my laptop as well.

Though there is one small matter of configuring windows , I’m in no hurry regarding the same as I’m actually able to access the files in the Windows partition .

That’s enough for now . Surely one of the wierdest and unorganized post that I’ll ever make .

Thanks for reading along though . Sayonara ๐Ÿ™‚


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