Installing Linux Distros without boot DVD/CD

Pretty cool stuff indeed 😉

Everything is an abstraction

Tired of waiting to burn the latest distros released onto DVD’s/CD’s to try them out?

Wanna reduce the stack of CD’s?

Here is a solution to directly install a distro by directly booting the image files from the harddisk of a GNU/Linux operating system. The steps to be followed are prescribed below(Eg. Fedora 10 from Ubuntu 8.10)

1.Mount the iso image of the distro to a mount point

$ mkdir /media/fedora10

$sudo mount -o loop /home/varrun/Fedora10.iso   /media/fedora10

2. Copy the contents of the iso responsible for booting the distro to a folder in the root directory

  • The kernel -> is present in the isolinux/vmlinuz folder
  • initrd image -> responsible for loading the initial root file system in the RAM

3. Make a directory “Fedora” in root directory ” / “

$ sudo mkdir /fedora

4. Copy the isolinux and images folder in the iso to /fedora directory


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