GSoC 2014, The Mistakes

I had applied for GSoC 2014 with much motivation, limited expectation and bundles of enthusiasm. I wrote a proposal and well it wasn’t too bad for a start IMHO but then the one who got selected to do the project probably wrote a better proposal. Nevertheless, he was much more deserving than me and it was evident as well as he had contributed more to the project than me.

I’m yet to commit a single change in the Plasma Media Center repository, perhaps the biggest mistake. Some would even argue that in an organization like KDE, that is really defining too. My contributions were also interrupted in the middle by exams that came in, a festive vacation(for Vishu, a 10 day vacation) towards the end of which I also caught Chicken Pox(I’m taking medications for the same as I write this πŸ˜› ). But then, I don’t want these to come across as excuses. At the end of the day, when I look back at this I only have good memories to share.

I made some sacrifices for this and overall it wasn’t enough and the one who got the project, in the end, I guess just wanted it more. Next time however, promises to be different I believe. I’d be more experienced and I’ll start preparing earlier and more importantly contribute more and continue with offering whatever help I can to this wonderful community that is KDE !

I’m attaching the proposal that I’d written for this year’s project. It might just give someone an idea of what a proposal is really about and keep in mind that this was NOT enough πŸ˜›

Cheers !


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