PREC: Practical Root Containment For Android Devices

I’ve always thought that my Android device was safe since I only used market apps. This is an eye-opener.


Recently, I had come across this paper which was published by professors from NCSU.  Google Play is the new hub of distributing Malwares to the Android devices. A recent survey said that around 70% of the apps in the Google play are malwares. Currently, there’s no robust and 100% accurate mechanism in Google play to detect the presence of Malicious code in the app which a user submits.  PREC can dynamically identify system calls from high-risk components (e.g., third- party native libraries) and execute those system calls within isolated threads. Hence, PREC can detect and stop root exploits with high accuracy while imposing low interference to benign applications.

My understanding

Existing problems

  1. Failure of Google play for detecting malicious applications
  2. Current apps are intelligent enough to detect the emulated environment (Google play test on emulated env)
  3. Environment couldn’t differentiate apps uses third party native codes which may be malicious (not all time)

Contributions of the…

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