Building Plasma Media Center in Kubuntu 14.04

A screenshot of PMC running after successful build
A screenshot of PMC running after successful build

I’ve for long refrained from writing a post like the one that’s about to follow, since [1] and [2] do just that. However, post the release of the latest version of (K)Ubuntu, viz 14.04. I think there is scope for additions in [1] and [2] and in this post I’m going to highlight just that along with the entire process. You can find the Plasma Media Center project  in [3].

So for building Plasma Media Center in Kubuntu 14.04, you’ll require the following packages(run the following commands to install them) :

  • $ sudo apt-get install kde-workspace
  • $ sudo apt-get install kdelibs5-dev
  • $ sudo apt-get install build-essential
  • $ sudo apt-get install libtag1-dev
  • $ sudo apt-get install kffmpegthumbnailer
  • $ sudo apt-get install baloo-dev (instead of nepomuk-core-dev in previous versions)
  • $ sudo apt-get install cmake

Now that you have the required packages, we can now start building the application from source. First get the source code from

Type in the following commands in a terminal ;

$ git clone git://$ mkdir build 

$ cd build 

$ cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix -DNO_LINK_TO_PLASMA=ON

$ make -j[n+1]

$ sudo make install 

$ kbuildsyscoca4
Error on running cmake
Error on running cmake

If after running the cmake command, you face an error like the one in shown in this screen shot, don’t panic. Try to read what the error message says, most likely you’re missing some package or something trivial. You can use apt-cache search to check for packages that might work out and give a try at the cmake again. Except this time, as bshah used to say : “nuke the build directory”. For that you can use the command

 git clean -fxd 

from the cloned directory and then run cmake again.

Run this command to get the number of CPU cores
Run this command to get the number of CPU cores

NOTE:  if you’re using older versions of Ubuntu, you probably wouldn’t require passing the option -DNO_LINK_TO_PLASMA=ON.  This is a hack to solve an issue that cropped up with the latest release of Ubuntu. To know more, read the Troubleshooting section of [4]

Hope this is helpful 🙂



4 thoughts on “Building Plasma Media Center in Kubuntu 14.04

  1. I am having a following error after using cmake command:

    Could not find a package configuration file provided by “Qt5” with any of
    the following names:


    Add the installation prefix of “Qt5” to CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH or set “Qt5_DIR”
    to a directory containing one of the above files. If “Qt5” provides a
    separate development package or SDK, be sure it has been installed.

    1. Hey Karan, Since this blog post was written, PMC has changed drastically. It’s ported to KDE frameworks 5 (and Qt5 as a consequence) now. The steps mentioned in this blog post would be relevant for a Qt4 branch of the same.

      As far as your error is concerned, cmake could not find your Qt5 installation. If you have Qt5, you must set the QT_SELECT variable to the appropriate version. This would most likely solve this error.

      Drop into the #plasma IRC channel and we can have a chat over there.

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