Debutsav ’14 – Behind the scenes

A quick look at “” shows that 4 days 32 minutes remaining for the event to kick-off. *sighs*

It’s been a long 3-4 months, since the first mail from Praveen popped up in my inbox, with content that went somewhat like this “How about Amrita University for this year’s MiniDebConf ? “. Since then however, a lot of things have changed, most notably, the event name ofcourse. The event is now being called a “Debutsav” – a blend of Debian and Free Software. This move of changing the name from a MiniDebConf to the current version of Debutsav is an unprecedented one and it’s somewhat a journey into the unknown. I wonder how the event pans out, but no matter what, it’s been a wonderful learning experience – experience that has helped me pickup some valuable lessons along the way. The upcoming conferences, should there be any – and I hope there will – will  be even better.

I’m running out of time right now as I need to pack my valuables(I’m still smarting from the loss of my mobile phone’s data-cable cum charger yesterday) and make a run from the cyber-security lab to the hostel. I’m just sharing some documents that, more or less tell the story so far.

While I’m aware that the writing in this post is too short and lacks details to help anyone on it’s own(hence I’m sharing the documents). I may or may not update this post.


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