Season of KDE 2014-15 !

Alright, I’ve been selected for the Season of KDE program[1][2]. Let me quickly tell more about the program. It’s a nice, rather fantastic opportunity for enthusiasts(KDE enthusiasts) to do a project or atleast a part of one in a duration of two months. There are no monetary rewards for your work, like GSoC, but then if you’re really interested that shouldn’t bother you. Nevertheless, at the end of the program you’ll get a “Kick-ass” T-shirt and something that a lot of people seem to run after these days – a certificate ! Like I’ve said before if you’re really enthusiastic about it, you’d be more concerned about the commits in the trunk. Thankfully, a lot of my seniors have taught me from an early stage to value skills gained more than a certificate or anything similar.

Coming back, my work involves porting a few backends in the Plasma Media Center to Plasma 5. I’ve found a gem of a mentor in Bhushan Shah. The fact that we’re pretty much the same age AFAIK, is a great plus and puts me at ease when we discuss about things. Most of the times it’s me asking him some silly and naive questions but he’s been quite patient with me so far and has helped me a lot. Another thing I love about the program and the mentor is their flexibility. There have, so far at least, been no deadlines and I can take my time and really “enjoy” the whole process. I might not have done a lot of work so far, but whatever I’ve done has been fun. I look forward to do a lot more in the few weeks that remain.

Season of KDE participants are required to blog about their experiences regularly and well, I’ve not really done it, this is the first time I’m really doing this. Like I said before, the program being a flexible one, I hope I can get away with it :p I’ll try to keep this space updated with the all the work I put in during the coming few weeks.

Apologies to anyone who came here looking for something technical. I will however, categorize this as “Technical” , for the sake of continuity.



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