’15 – My views

This year’s – KDE India’s annual conference on KDE/Qt technologies, was hosted in Amrita University’s Amritapuri campus and it still feels kinda surreal indeed. Thankfully, it all unfolded well enough. It was the first time a KDE conference was being hosted in Southern India or at least in Kerala to the best of my knowledge. I think one of the main reasons for this to happen was my experience with the previous edition of the same conference, which was held in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Back then, I had just started to contribute to KDE and was very keen on attending the conference. However, it’d take me at least 5 days to travel back and forth and attend the conference – something which seemed improbable, if not possible given the schedule of classes any engineering student would have. It was also back then that I’d met Pradeepto Bhattacharya, Founder of KDE-India and had an informal chat and it motivated me to try contributing to KDE. He also wanted to see me attend the conference in Gujarat. However, I was unable to, despite wanting to.

Almost half a year later, I and Pradeepto meet again ! It was during a Hasgeek workshop of machine learning that both of us were attending and I went up to him and Pradeepto couldn’t recognize me at all. I reminded him of the coffee that he’d sponsored me last time and that, quite surprisingly worked out 🙂 We then discussed about KDE, the previous and the reasons why myself and a large part of students from Southern India were unable to make it to the event. After the discussion, I think it was clear to Pradeepto that instead of doing conferences in the same venue, it was time to take the KDE movement to new and unexplored places. This year’s did exactly that.

All was set and it was now time to start organizing the event and it was again, quite a task in itself. It was with great difficulty that we finally found an apt date for the conference. Moving further, things were going on quite smoothly but somewhere in the middle it started to heat up as the student organizers had to manage multiple commitments ( Google Summer of Code Student application period, the InCTF competition to name a few in addition to the academic commitments which are a plenty in itself). It was all of a sudden, difficult to find volunteers for the event, however, when the event drew closer, everyone put their act together(might have well been a rescue act 😛 ) and the event panned out beautifully well. It went smooth and was really enjoyable. Apart from the sessions, the students also had the chance to spend priceless time with the speakers as well. For me it was a rare opportunity to actually see all those fancy IRC nicknames, live in action 🙂

I will not make this post any longer by describing how the event went about. Sinny and Pinak have done that already 😉 I might however, update this space with some statistics from the event, if time permits. To see some of the best moments from the event, head over to : (Thank you Anup 😉 )


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