GSoC ’15 – Week #1

I’ve already blogged about my proposal to KDE getting selected in the list of accepted projects in this term’s Google Summer of Code[0] and that’s obviously something that I’m really excited about. I’ll share my proposal soon in this space, which would give you a much better idea of what my project is all about(and also tell you that I’ll probably need to revamp the tentative timeline completely !).

Coming to the program itself, the coding period began on the 25th of this month and I also received a nice welcome package and an initial payment from Google during this time. I now realize that it’s about time I really started moving now.

So far I’ve been able to setup my own scratch repo[1] and pushed a few changes in there. There were some review requests in the reviewboard[2] as well, I might close them now since most of my work can be found in my scratch repo. In addition, I’ve had little discussions with my mentor Laurent Montel, whenever I get stuck – which can be a bit frequent at times – and is something I wish to do more in the coming days.

Currently, just a few more classes(viz k3listview, k3listviewsearchline and k3process) remain to be ported to their respective kde4 equivalents and then the first baby step – removing kde3 dependencies from libkopete would be done. At the moment, I’m a bit stuck with k3listview classes and am looking out for alternatives(I read QTreeWidget is what I should be looking at, but even then there are a lot of functions that are not present or maybe modified and won’t fit in straightaway).

There’s still a day to go in the first week of this program and there’a a chance that we’ll have libkopete free from kde3 dependencies by it’s end. I promise to keep you posted.



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