GSoC ’15 – Weeks #2,3,4

Looking at the title of this post, which spans three weeks, you’d be forgiven to have expected something huge coming your way. Unfortunately, that is not the case. I’d blogged about week #1 of the program previously[1] in the aftermath of which, I’ve been busy with exams which got over just day before yesterday.

Nevertheless, I was able to chip in with some minor contributions during this time all the same. This post is a brief update on those. I’ll keep it very short indeed.

  1. k3listview and k3searchline ported away from kde3 in libkopete
  2. k3process removed from libkopete (minor)
  3. k3listview classes removed from plugins (statistics and alias)
  4. k3listbox plugins removed from texteffect plugins (undergoing the final stages of review)
  5. libkopete/ui k3 classes(q3header, k3ListViewItem etc) almost cleared. We’re(myself and my mentor, Laurent Montel) are working on it, not out for public review yet, but will be, very soon.

A large part of this was possible thanks to some super cool sed scripts[4] which made my work a whole lot easier.  Of course, they’re quite old and will almost certainly break the build, but they can be fixed with some patience 🙂



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