KDE-Wiki Reorganisation at CERN

Summing up the progress so far.

return EWTF;

A group of us at the CERN-based cross-team sprint are attempting to tame the wilderness of the KDE wikis – at least, TechBase and Community.

A little bit of history is needed here. Originally, TechBase was the only wiki, and it quickly became a dumping ground for pretty much everything. At some point, the other two wikis (Community and UserBase) were created so we could separate things out a bit, and people wanting tutorials for how to create Plasmoids, for example, wouldn’t be overwhelmed with meeting notes from the Plamsa team.

While UserBase has a clear separate mission to the other wikis, the line between TechBase and Community has always been a bit fuzzy. The pages that were still on TechBase since before Community existed and were never removed didn’t help with this.

The first thing we did at the sprint, therefore, was clarify this line. The distinction we…

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