KDE sprint – Geneva 2016

Last week, the KDE community organized a sprint at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. I was one of the participants in the same. While a majority of the participants were involved with the WikiToLearn project, which aims at making collaborative textbooks – a project that to me, looks extremely promising and after having taken a look at the team behind it, it’s a project that I hold in high regard.

In addition, there was the plasma group, KDE’s visual design group and us folks, who intended to tackle the wilderness of the wikis and documentation of KDE software.

CERN, Geneva 2016
Some snaps from CERN and around Geneva, Album on Flickr

After landing in Geneva, last Sunday we did nothing but brainstorming for the next couple of days and only then did we start scraping and modifying the wiki pages. Alex Merry, created some useful tags and categories which were used to tag pages for action. Olivier, who came up with the idea for the wikis/documentation to be tackled in a sprint, was as energetic as ever an worked his socks off every day. Also joining us, was Freidrich Kossebau, who I happened to meet back in September at the Randa meetings last year.

We also had a brief meeting with the plasma group as Sebas wanted to have the plasma developerguide reviewed, which I understand is still WIP at this stage.

Other than all the work, I found time to switch to ArchLinux, finally – thanks to kubuntu’s installer crashing at the right time(-_-) and we even visited the CMS detector of the LHC a day after I spent an evening in Geneva meeting up with a friend of mine, who travelled all the way from Zurich !

On the final day, when most of the participants/developers/designers had already left the place, I took the chance to visit the Geneva Motor Show, which was the perfect way to end what was a memorable week. I couldn’t have asked for more !

I’m grateful to the KDE community and for all the support it receives. It is this support that makes sprints like these possible. Please consider extending your support to KDE.


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