Quick visit to the Geneva Motor Show

On the final day of the WikiToLearn/KDE sprint, held at CERN, when most of the participants were already heading home, I started feeling a bit gloomy and sad that an insanely awesome week was coming to an end. I wasn’t flying for the next 24 hours and I was now deprived of any company as well, so I had the option of staying back and hacking on some KDE software(I had and still do, the intention of trying to port some plasma applets) or I could visit Geneva city. More importantly, there was the Geneva motor show going on and the final day of our sprint was also conicidentally, the final day of the motor show.

I decided that having come this far, this was an opportunity I could ill afford to miss. I took the next tram from CERN to Bouchet and the bus number 10 – Aeroport to the Geneva Airport. The venue of the motorshow, was the Palexpo arena which was walkable from the airport and the one thing that you really will notice in Switzerland is the ease with which you can get from one point to another, using just public transport and the fact that everything and everyone are so organized makes it so much more easier. There’s always more than one option at hand, something in stark contrast to India, unfortunately.

After walking for quarter of an hour, spotting some shiny red Alfa Romeos on display, on the way, I was finally at gates of the Palexpo arena. Quickly got in the queue, grabbed my tickets at half rate, as it was already past 4 PM.

As soon as I entered the arena, it all came back to me. The sights that I used to watch so fondly as a kid was all there for me to see, right in front of my eyes. I clicked loads and loads of pictures and at the end of it all, I was left wanting for more !

Final day of the Geneva Motor Show 2016

I had to get back though and it was getting dark as well. Getting to CERN from the airport is quite a way to make and it only made sense for me to take an early exit. I exited the Palexpo arena with both satisfaction and a heavy heart knowing that my time in Switzerland, had come to an end.

But, there’s always a next time, I hope 🙂

Geneva Motor Show 2016
Geneva Motor Show, Album on Flickr

Find all the pictures that I snapped from the motor show here.


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