The passport ordeal

I came across this post from Chris Burkard, and it just brings back so many amazing memories. Getting my passport and subsequently, my visa, in time for the Randa meetings last September, in Switzerland was quite an ordeal for me and when I look back on those hectic few months followed by what I would describe as a week of bliss in the Swiss apls at Randa, makes me feel so blessed.

I think a passport is one of the most important, yet underestimated document one can possess and very few actually look at it with a view of a document holding unlimited possibilities. Having said that, I’m guessing to get one, is probably not all that straightforward afterall and I can say that with complete surety when it comes to an Indian passport. In my case, things were slightly more complex as my current address of residence was not the same as my permanent residence at the time of applying and that brought along it’s own set of complexities. After going through a series of tedious, cumbersome and time consuming procedures, I was finally able to get my passport just in time and it was one of the few things that gave me so much satisfaction and excitement at the same time.

What made this post even more special to me, is the image at the backdrop of the beautiful caption provided. The Matterhorn in Zermatt, Switzerland was one of the first places I visited after getting my passport and it was something totally unexpected too. The way Chris shares his experience and chose to have the Matterhorn in the background, is for me just the icing on the cake. Wonderful, wonderful memories that I shall cherish for a lifetime !

The Matterhorn, as captured by my Moto G3

P.S : I hope I’ll have the fortune to explore many places on earth.


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