Plasma’s Publictransport to get some reworking !

This summer I’ll be working on trying to bring back to life the Publictransport Plasma applet, as part of a Google summer of code project, mentored by Eike Hein and Mario Fux, which will need both reworking and rewriting of the present code for it to be able to work with Plasma5. To know more about the project, take a look at it’s wiki page on and a detailed explanation about the project by it’s author , Friedrich Pülz.

Having worked on porting some KDE/Qt code last year, I was quickly off the blocks as I was able to port the helper and engine modules rather quickly. Progress has slowed a bit as we now approach on reworking the UI and I’m coordinating with Eike Hein on what would/should be our approach to implement the applet in Plasma5.

I’m pushing the code that I’m working to the “frameworks” branch of my personal clone of the publictransport repository on You can also drop by #kde-publictransport on Freenode, if you’d like to follow developments on the project.

I also have other commitments this month, but I promise to keep you posted.



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