Revisiting my talk at FOSSASIA summit, 2018

Earlier this year, I had the chance to speak about one of KDE community’s cool projects that is helpding developers erase the line between desktop and mobile/tablet UI’s with ease. I’m referring to the Kirigami UI framework – a set of QtQuick components targetted at the mobile as well as desktop platforms.

This is particularly important to KDE and a lot of projects are now migrating towards a Kirigami UI, particularly keeping in mind the ability to run the applications on the Plasma Mobile.

At this year’s FOSSASIA summit held in Singapore, I delivered a presentation introducing the Kirigami UI components. The interest and response was really positive overall and I’m hoping more projects follow suite.

I must admit I’m no expert at speaking about the Kirigami framework, but having worked a little on porting Plasma’s Public Transport to a Kirigami application last year gave me enough motivation and confidence to a provide a brief introduction about the power and possibilities with the above mentioned framework.

You can view a recording of my talk below.

Finally, I’d like to extend my appreciation and gratitude towards the organizing team at FOSSASIA for pulling off an event of such magnitude with minimal complications and as well towards the KDE community for being ever so supportive to me, in every sense, throughout this journey.

If you like the work being carried out by the awesome folks at the KDE community, consider donating. Your donations can go a long way towards helping the cool software reach a wider audience.



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