Quick visit to the Geneva Motor Show

On the final day of the WikiToLearn/KDE sprint, held at CERN, when most of the participants were already heading home, I started feeling a bit gloomy and sad that an insanely awesome week was coming to an end. I wasn't flying for the next 24 hours and I was now deprived of any company as … Continue reading Quick visit to the Geneva Motor Show


2015 – Looking back !

I don't usually say this at the end of a year, but I really do believe that 2015 has been a memorable year, probably one of the best that I've had in my life. This comes despite the numerous setbacks I've had this year. 2015 will always hold a special significance for me. Find out below, how my blog fared this year.

People of KDE – Mario Fux


Remember People behind KDE? It was an interview series with members of  the community. I always enjoyed reading it because it showed, that KDE is software produced by dedicated and enthusiastic people and that it is possible to become one of them. So eventually I did.

I have to do some interviews for an anthropology class this year and I decided to take the chance and revitalize the series. Instead of written interviews I will do video sessions. The idea is to have two parts. One is about the person and the other one is about a topic that is related to that person. KDE is no longer the product, but the name for the community so I decided to rename the series as well.

Let me present to you:

People of KDE – Episode…

This is my very first interview. I will try to improve over time and…

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