John Oliver takes on televangelists

Being an Indian, I can easily relate to such practices. Shameful indeed !



Just last Sunday, John Oliver took on the shady world of televangelism and the common practice of a type of seed-faith known as “prosperity gospel.” During the 20-minute segment, Oliver described prosperity gospel as the notion that wealth is a sign of God’s favor and donations sent to the church will result in said wealth coming back to you.

After that episode of Last Week Tonight aired, a report hit from CBS News that the IRS is now being pressured into clamping down on televangelists. Making these men and women of God accountable for the private jets they acquire from those aforementioned “seeds” definitely is a step in the right direction, but there’s no sure bet this will actually happen.

According to religious fraud investigator Ole Anthony, “Televangelists are able to receive millions because the IRS has turned a “blind eye” to their tax-exempt churches.” That being said, church audits were suspended…

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A day of witnessing suffering !

NOTE : I'm completing this post, a long time after I'd initially begun. So yeah, references to the date(direct or indirect) may not be accurate. Today(Sometime in Dec 2014, IIRC) was unique, in many ways. I can tell you clearly, It's not the kind I like to see often. However, it did open my eyes … Continue reading A day of witnessing suffering !

Respect Our Indian Flag!

“The rules are provided in the Indian law which is probably why we do not follow them” , well said 🙂

Everything is an abstraction

In my advent on searching for an apt header for my blog, i came across very nice info on some protocols to be observed while handling the Indian Flag.Most of us today do not realize the significance of this, or less dont respect our flag.The rules are provided in the Indian law which is probably why we do not follow them. Here are some guideline : –

Official regulation states that the flag must never touch the ground or water, be used as a tablecloth or draped in front of a platform, cover a statue, plaque, cornerstone etc.The flag may not be intentionally placed upside down, dipped in anything, or hold any objects other than flower petals before unfurling. No sort of lettering may be inscribed on the flag

Handling the Flag

Indian flag orientations

There are a number of traditional rules of respect that should be observed when handling or displaying the…

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A Campaign against online shopping frauds

Such cases of online frauds are on the rise. It is upto us to remain careful and tread with caution when making online transactions and not blindly trust anyone .
This is the case of Abhishek Kumar Singh ,my senior who unfortunately was the victim of one such site “” . Read experience and support this cause .


Update : The company returned Abhishek’s money within 3 days of starting the campaign. A huge thanks to all those who helped supporting him in this. I’m glad I could do my part with this little reblog 🙂


Rightly said “Justice delayed is Justice denied“. I am filling this petition to seek justice for the customers who have been cheated by the ( online shopping website. The advancement in internet technology has also given space to some of the online shopping frauds in the current technological scenario. ( claims to be an e-commerce website – an online shopping site from where customers can buy products. In the last 3-4 month there is a rise in the customers who have been cheated by this site. Their products were neither delivered nor their money were refunded. They are not only cheating money from customers but are playing with their faith. When being contacted through mails, they generally ignore their mails and when they reply they give some lame excuses with lots of bullshit lies. Their IVRS contact number +91 9323 001 002…

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