KDE sprint – Geneva 2016

Last week, the KDE community organized a sprint at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. I was one of the participants in the same. While a majority of the participants were involved with the WikiToLearn project, which aims at making collaborative textbooks - a project that to me, looks extremely promising and after having taken a look … Continue reading KDE sprint – Geneva 2016


The Midnight Ride…..

Just love reading this experience over and over again ~ !

Ashes of fire

“Aditya, you need to change that code now. If we don’t change it before we give it for System Testing, we are doomed!” My Team Lead rants over the phone. It was the same old thing, I knew it would be this when I joined Infosys. “Ok, I’ll try my best to do it…… ” and then I glanced on to my watch. 20:05. “Hey I’m already late for home, can I do this by Monday?” I asked. “O Aditya. You know how important this change is.” She said. After a pause “Ok, but you gotta come as early as possible. When can you come? Your usual time of 11 in the morning should not happen”. Oh what the heck, I thought. “I’ll come by 9 sharp, Ok?” I offered. “Ok better come by that time, otherwise I won’t have time even to tell you the code changes”. And off…

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