The #DebUtsav14 Experience

On April 6, 2014, I get an e-mail from Praveen, enquiring about the possibility  of conducting a MiniDebConf in Amritapuri. Praveen had previously visited Amritapuri and I can only hope he would've been impressed with the work being done over there. We at Amritapuri, have a very active FOSS club that is doing some incredible … Continue reading The #DebUtsav14 Experience


Debutsav ’14 – Behind the scenes

A quick look at "" shows that 4 days 32 minutes remaining for the event to kick-off. *sighs* It's been a long 3-4 months, since the first mail from Praveen popped up in my inbox, with content that went somewhat like this "How about Amrita University for this year's MiniDebConf ? ". Since then however, … Continue reading Debutsav ’14 – Behind the scenes