Setting up postgresql tools and pgadmin in Ubuntu 14.04

One of the reasons why I write this rather basic and naive post is that while I was trying to setup pgadmin on my (K)ubuntu 14.04,  I felt there was lack of proper documentation on the process workflow. One among the other reasons is ofcourse the fact that once you learn something, it's always nice … Continue reading Setting up postgresql tools and pgadmin in Ubuntu 14.04


Fix the GPG warning using Y-PPA manager

Here's a quick tip, If you ever encounter this error(check the screenshot), the easiest thing that you could do to fix it AFAIK is to install the Y-PPA manager and let it try to import all the missing GPG keys. Here's how you can install it : Once you've installed the software, fire it up, … Continue reading Fix the GPG warning using Y-PPA manager

Upgrading Firefox to the Newest Version in Ubuntu

Comes in very handy, all the time. Thanks for posting this 🙂

Euphoria Reload3d

               We cannot upgrade Firefox to a recent version in Ubuntu just by navigating to Help and by clicking the Check for Updates option!- the way usually  followed by everyone to upgrade Firefox browser in their Windows machine. We can upgrade it, by two ways. Either by adding a PPA and upgrade or by downloading the binaries and installing it manually.

Via Terminal:

Step1: Adding Firefox PPA key

→ Take your terminal

Copy paste this code in your terminal

Step 2: Update

→ To finish indexing the repository

→ Please don’t close the terminal window before completing the update process.

Step 3: Installing Firefox

->To upgrade copy paste the command after following the above steps

→ When it prompts for Y or N, type Y

→ Wait for the process to complete

→ Restart your browser, if it is opened.

Pingo! You are done with it! Your Firefox is…

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Crack Windows-XP Administrator account Password

This is something that I haven’t given a try yet . But sounds interesting enough , will try this out soon . You can give it a try yourself .


Computer Lab sessions seems to be the most boring sessions, if it is not utilized properly. I hacked into Windows XP Administrator account using Ubuntu 10.10. Before getting into windows it is important to become a root user in Ubuntu/Linux. Grub (a list shown during system startup to choose the Operating systems installed in the system) can be used to get root shell. Move the cursor to the Linux Distro’s (say Ubuntu 11.10 Natty) option and press ‘e’ (option to edit the grub). At the end of the third line in the new list there will be ro quit splash replace that word by rw init=/bin/bash. This will redirect you to a bash shell of root user. Then press ctrl + x to boot. Prompt with ‘root’ as prefix will appear. This means full access to the system! Now, edit /etc/sudoers
In order to edit /etc/sudoers you have to…

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